Brains and minds

Polemical but entertaining and instructive exchange between Patricia Churchland and Colin McGinn about understanding  the brain and the mind.

Anorexia, brain activity, and hormones in the womb.

Anorexia visible with brain scans and womb hormones ‘lead to anorexia’.  These two articles are of interest with respect to the mind-body problem and the question of how much is up to you. Are the brains of persons with eating disorders different because they have eating disorders, or do they have eating disorders because their brains are different? Or is this a confused question because there is only the brain? And is your brain programmed in the womb?

Is that ethical? There’s an app for that

Making an ethical decision? Use this app.  The disclaimer on Santa Clara University’s new mobile app is forbidding: “In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website/app.” As the Chronicle of Higher Education puts it, “The Ethical Decision Making app is an attempt to bring applied ethics into 21st century. It is not so much a Magic 8_Ball as a pocket Socrates, which is to say the app asks more questions than it answers.”