Examined lives

What it means to lead a good life. A. C. Grayling’s review of James Miller’s Examined Lives. “His conclusion is a negative one: the combination of wisdom, self-understanding, and self-possession that Socrates’s successors took to be the gold standard for the philosophical life proved impossible for most of them to attain, and, in some cases, what they preached and what they practised fell widely apart.” Sarah Bakewell’s review in New York Times.


One thought on “Examined lives

  1. How would you define what is “good”? The term is relative. In the book, “The Moral Landscape” by Sam Harris, he explores this very question. You may want to read it. I talk about in my blog about how there can never be an ultimate “goodness” for anything that will last forever and how everybody’s lives is full of ups and downs (good and bad). I define “good” as anything that makes a person “feel good” but that very thing might make another person feel bad. Thats how things are.

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