Happy … the Epicurus mix

Alain de Botton says that while previous philosophers wanted to know how to be good, Epicurus wanted to know how to be happy.  “Even today, Epicurus remains an indispensable guide to life in advanced consumer capitalist societies because advertising – on which this system is based – functions on cleverly muddling people up about what they think they need to be happy. An extraordinary number of adverts focus on the three very things that Epicurus identified as false lures of happiness: romantic love, professional status and luxury.”


2 thoughts on “Happy … the Epicurus mix

  1. This short thought seems incomplete 🙂

    Instead, Epicurus taught that the things that really make life worth living, the “kyriotatai” (or principal things) are the natural and necessary desires, the things that our nature requires of us and does not give us a choice about: we need shelter, protection, safety, food, clothing, happiness, health, and friends.

    If we have those things, and if we have philosophy and a grateful disposition, we can live pleasantly, like royalty.

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