How Aristotle invented science

Susan H. Gordon’s review of Armand Marie Leroi’s The Lagoon: “And so, in 2014, Aristotle joins the ranks of his fellow biologists. ‘Intimacy with the natural world shines from his works,’ writes Leroi, a communion that allowed Aristotle to ‘sieve the ocean of natural history folklore and travelogue for grains of truth from which to build a new science.’ Following his new scientific inquiry, Aristotle arrived at a final why: Why does any of this happen at all? It would take centuries before Darwin could find a scientifically plausible answer, and in ancient Greece Aristotle looked again to the practical for his own: Biological systems are true so that we might exist. And to exist is simply better than to not exist.”


2 thoughts on “How Aristotle invented science

  1. Hi, Thanks for the share, but you have the author’s name wrong! This is my story, and “Joanna Scutts” need to be changed to “Susan H. Gordon”

    • Thanks for the correction! I had another page open on Biographile and cut and pasted from it by mistake. Very nice review of what appears to a be very interesting book!

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